Thursday, June 14, 2007

And what of Julio, JD, and Coco?

On not signing Schilling to an extension prior to the season:

"Curt's going to be 41, and at that age we get a little more conservative," Epstein said at the time. "That doesn't mean we don't want him back. We have all the confidence in the world that Curt wants to pitch in 2008, and if he pitches effectively, as I expect he will, we'll find a way to keep him in a Red Sox uniform. It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint right now to guarantee that kind of money a year in advance to a 41-year-old. Again, that doesn't change how we feel about Curt, his place in the organization.

"There's a bit of a sliding scale based on age," Epstein said. "The deeper you go into your career, I think the more hesitant the club might be to guarantee salaries years in advance."

Nine Lives

What's more amazing: nine in a row, or that Bean Me Up Scottie Proctor pitched today just to get some work in? The game itself was rather ho-hum, except for great pitching by Dandy Andy. Arizona didn't really look like a first place team, but that's how it goes.

We'll use the old joke here: the Mets managed not to lose today. Also, interesting that the Dodgers fired Eddie Murray as their hitting coach despite lighting up the Amazins' this past series. Memo to Clemens: do not do anything to wake the Mets up tomorrow, say, like drilling Paul Lo Duca. (What would he say? "I thought it was Piazza?")

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eights are Easy

Eight in a row, eight and half games back. I guess those who thought Mussina was done might have to take a little vacation. And A-ROD hit a monster shot off the facing of the upper deck in LEFT.

Mussina is an interesting character - as you probably know, he was one strike away from a perfect game, two outs away from a World Series ring, and has won 19 games twice but never 20. (Shades of Buck Showalter? Buck left the Yankees in 1995 and they won in 1996, left Arizona in 2000 and they won in 2001, and Baseball Tonight won an Emmy the year after left the show. I guess Texas isn't going to continue that streak this year.) He's been up and down in the postseason lately, but still he has a solid pitcher since 2001. And interesting how he is the only one currently on the team who was on the field for that Game 7 in Arizona, but wasn't part of the dynasty.

More good work from the Red Sox. Check out these headlines on the fan bulletin boards:

All Trade Ideas / Changing the roster
Yanks getting closer ... you worried?
move must be made and soon

I think WAIT FOR IT is the most appropriate response. Also, apparently the Red Sox have asked that Kevin Youkilis replace David Ortiz on the All-Star ballot submitted to the players, in the hopes this will boost Youkilis' chances. No word if they are trying to replace JD Drew with Wily Mo Pena, or Julio Lugo with Alex Cora. Clearly, Theo is spending his time wisely, just like his money. I suppose the Yankees should lobby for Miguel Cairo in lieu of Giambi or Mientkiewicz?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Back to .500, but the Red Sox held serve. El Comedulce really launched one, Cy Wang was dominant again, as was Rivera, who had both cutters working. (Anyone check out Rivera's ERA lately? Under 4). The only blemish was another scare from Kyle Dial 911, who somehow thinks it is a good idea to throw 3-2 sliders to a hitter who was consistently late on 95+ mph fastballs.

Nobody is watching the NBA Finals, but if I were the Cavs management, I would immediately sign Paxson or Kerr for the remainder of the series - nobody on that team can shoot, despite wide open looks. And the NBA better pray that Jordan is planning a 4th comeback. At this point I think just playing the NBA on NBC theme song might be better than showing the actual games.

What to Do with $100?

A Red Sox fan writes:

I have a $100 bill with a serial number DB19182004B on a NEW YORK BILL. Do you think this is newsworthy? I have tried to contact RED SOX have gotten no response.
Luckily Theo is not reading his e-mail, or else he might decide to give the benjamin to a player like Julio Lugo or JD Drew. The appropriately named Brian Cashman would send the bill directly to Roger. I assume Bobby Abreu might buy some candy bars. And we know what A-ROD would do with it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Timlin Back in Time to Shave the Lead to 9

In the loss column, anyway. Mike Timlin emerged from the DL, and with Arizona leading 2-1 in the 8th inning, promptly threw the ball away on a sacrifice bunt attempt, leading to two more additional runs. Glad to have you back, Mike. Also kudos to the Big Unit, who apparently won't be making the trip to New York this week.

No doubt no one is happier about the reemergence of El Comedulce than A-ROD, who launched two more bombs today. And the Master Sheff absolutely destroyed the Mets this wekeend, who really have turned into the May Yankees.

It really must be a kinder, gentler Piniella. Ted Lilly was just ejected in the first inning of the game, after drilling Reneteria with a pitch - possibe retaliation for Hudson drilling Soriano yesterday. But no argument from Sweet Lou, at least so far.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rocket Reentry

Thank goodness he finally made his first start - if I had to live through another day of "Rocket Relaunch" or "Rocket Reentry" headlines, I quite possibly might have become a Tampa Bay Devil Ray fan (what other team can have their shortstop pitch more effectively than their actual pitchers?)

The start itself was about as expected. While fond of sweets, Bobby "El Comedulce" Abreu is decidedly less fond of catching fly balls that go anywhere near the right field wall, but at least he is hitting now. Amazingly, Beam Me Up Socttie Proctor didn't pitch in the game, despite the fact Clemens went only 6 innings and Rivera was unavailable due to pitching more than one inning each of the last two days. (Speaking of Proctor, perhaps "Bean Me Up" is a more appropriate nickname? Next time I run into Youkilis, I will be sure to ask him.)

The female horse won the Belmont Stakes [insert A-ROD joke here]. If I knew anything about horse racing, I would make some further comments, but since I don't, I won't (unlike someone else we know). We might as well go all the way and plug the tennis match tomorrow - apparently the result might determine who the best player of all time is (hint: it's not Guy Forget. I bet all of you tend to forget that guy.)

Mao can handle the Mets if he ever decides to return to this blog.